Crisis Videos In South Africa, Child Dies Every Six Minutes In Somalia Famine

There simply can be no compromise. Every life must count and we cannot afford to lose more lives to this crisis.
According to the UNICEF a child dies every sis minutes, which means that 250 under age five will die every day.
This video is about Sam and his brother Aster who suffers from famine malnourished, it's really incredible, a humanity catastrophe. You will cry, this is a same on the 21 century brow. 

Young Japanese Girl Turns Into Old Man

 Tourist girl with huge backpack asks for directions and then mysteriously becomes an old man, it's really mind-blowing. Imagine that you were in the same place where the people being asked about the directions. then the girl who asked you changed to an old man and so again.., this video is a type of performance art pranks. i hope to have fun with this stunning video.

Hard To Handle A Girl

Hello every body and welcome back again to Ourwikiworld videos. In many Islamic countries the touching a forbidden girl is forbidden so how to help a girl of she want a help it's really amazing and stunning video let's watch.

The Head Prank

Hello everybody and welcome back again in Ourwikiworld videos. today I'll see you a very funny and amazing prank video, the head prank, Girl drops a dummy head on the sidewalk in front of a victim. While two men holding a plywood pass by, the head is switched for a real head that screams like hell as soon as the victims try to pick it up.

Amazing Time Wasting In A Die Hardly Working

Hello everybody and welcome back again in Ourwikiworld videos and our video for today is about the hard working jobs, we work until the time is over so when finishing our tasks at the last fifteen minutes of the job end time what could you do to let these fifteen minutes gone rabidly, some people tries to play cards and others tries to play games on computer, but here is the most amazing and incredible part which is an action playing game.

Here you will see to employees want to change their mood so they play an action shooting game, it's really fantastic like the Hollywood movies. I hope to have fun with this and to change your mood to better.

A Way To Trick Your Boss

Hello every body and welcome back again to Ourwikiworld videos  and to day is for those who have a dating  of those who have a lot of works  to do and those who don't have the mood to work.

In this funny video you will see an employee who scatters some food drops for birds on his computer keyboard this is because the thing that you will see in this video. Have fun with this.

Bye bye to the next video

Bad Day At The Office

Hello everybody and welcome back again to ourwikiworld videos. Have you ever faced some situations like these in the same time?! A lot of us may said yes it's happened to me. here below you'll see three tricks and situations happened in a series, really it's a bad day at the office.

Of course if we refer to the movie titled "The Secret" which talk about the sadness and happiness , talk about the evil  and good. In this documentary movie they express that if you were satisfied of what you have and thanking nature about what you have then every thing will be OK and you'll have what you dreamed of some day later. but if you were not satisfied of what you have then you will very angry because a bad things will happen and you will not achieve what you are dreaming of.

Shooting the robbers!

Hello everybody and welcome back again to Ourwikiworld videos. Today we'll watch now a special moments and situations in which we have the responsibility to be a guard on a robbers and holding a gun to prevent them from running away. This may happen if the police man gives you this task to do another task.

Now, what do you do if these robbers tries to escape from you, do you shoot them or what could you do to prevent them from escape. this is really a hard task and it's want a strong man and a brave hart.

Let's watch the video and watch what the others do to success on his task, have fun.

The Most Funniest Moment On Live- Jetpack Fail

Hello everybody and welcome back again to ourwikiworld videos and today I'll see you a special funny moments which happens on live broadcast- here at fox TV - like some unexpected fails it's run as a funny moments.

In our video the most funny part is about the Jetpack rider who speak that he is ready to fly then, he fail and fly to the water in a funny situation and method.

But after that he get his chance to try again, and he success and fly in a very incredible scene but the fail moments remains the best shots ever taken.

Unbelievable Amazing Parrot

Hello everybody and welcome back again and now is the time of fun, a parrot is a mimic who tries to mimic unbelievable sounds!!!. like human sounds, cars, water, animals, ... etc.

Unbelievable! Absolute Friendship Between A Man And 38 Lions

Hello everybody and welcome back again to ourwikiworld amazing videosm and today I'll bring a special unbelievable video about a man who has an absolute friendship with 38 lions. This is true but unbelievable.

This video is captured in South Africa. His name is  Kevin Richardson, 34 years old, holds a reserve, near Johannesburg, with 38 lions. Kevin is studying animal behavior, in his studying period he observed the behavior of animals and their feline.

He spent years with two lions born in captivity  and during this period he has developed a special  relationship with them.

Amazing Street Prank Of A Group Of Chinese

Hello everybody and welcome back again in ourwikiworld amazing videos site and today I'll see you one of the most amazing and funniest pranks happened in china street with a group of Chinese.

Imagine that you are walking in a street and suddenly a huge group of people running towards you and speaks loudly here he is, then what do you handle this situation? let's watch and see what happened.   

Stunning And Shocking Videos, Daring Motorbike Driver

Hello everybody and welcome back again to day I'll show you a special video, about motorbike driving or riding. Here you'll see an crazy man also he is a daring motorbike rider.

But, is there any insurance for Motorbikes?? Vehicle insurance (also known as auto insurance, gap insurance, car insurance, or motor insurance) is insurance purchased for cars, trucks, and other road vehicles. Its primary use is to provide financial protection against physical damage and/or bodily injury resulting from traffic collisions and against liability that could also arise therefrom.

House Painting Prank

Hello everybody and welcome back again to ourwikiworld. Today I hold for you a special prank gift. It's really amazing and the most funny situations that may happened with you somtimes, so be careful, even if you were very careful   you may fall down in the prank trap.

This funny prank is about a kid who tries to paint the top side of the door but he can't reach more higher so he ask the walkers to help him painting the topside of the door and they do. But while they painting the topside of the door the kid rang the ring and run away. So what will be your situation at this time when the house owner catch you painting his house door. ;) have fun.

Amazing Indian Pen Advertisement

Hello everybody and welcome back again to ourwikiworld. Now I'll see you an amazing Indian Advertisement for the board pen. The most amazing part in this video is the married women forehead red circle. In this video and nowadays they put this mark using these pens, this is the most funny part in this video after the death of her husband she must remove this mark. so look and have fun :) 

The King Of Cups

Hello everybody and welcome back again to our amazing videos site and today I'll see you one of the most incredible genius record which has been recorded for the body who has the incredible skill of rearranging a collection of cups to build a pyramid of them then recollect them to groups in seconds.

It's really incredible and amazing and I have named him as the king of cups. I hope to fit your funny time.

Time-Lapse of Dust Storm In Phoenix In Arizona

Hello everybody and welcome back again in, today I'll show you the angry of nature, This is a nature phenomena - The dust storm- it's really incredible and frighten. A giant wall of dust moves across the city of Phoenix all the day time yesterday.

If you don't know about Phoenix. It is the capital and largest city of the U.S. state of Arizona, as well as the sixth most populated city in the United States. Phoenix is home to 1,445,632 people according to the official 2010 U.S. and located in the northeastern reaches of the Sonoran Desert, Phoenix has a subtropical arid climate.  wikipedia

The most Villainous Soldier I'v Ever Seen Before

Hi everybody and welcome back again in our videos at ourwiki world. Today I'v brought with may a special video about Villainous men. This story is about two soldier who have a mission in their army. Once they are walking one of them trigger the landmine, so normally the another soldier came to help him by takeoff his shoes and be a free, but the most villainous think is the saved man ran away and the helping man fall in the trap.

10 Illusions In 5 Minutes By Hans Klok

Hello everybody and welcome back again in Ourwiki World, now I'll show you a stunning video about the 10's illusions done by Hans Klok and the most incredible think is that all these 10 illusions have been done in only five minutes. it's really incredible and stunning video. I hope to have fun with these tricks.

Gaza Future Technologies When The Electricity Has Gone Away

Hello everybody and welcome back again in http://ourwikiworld.blogspot.comtoday I'll show you really an amazing video about the electricity situation in Gaza and what will happen in Gaza if the electricity has gone away forever.

I thing they will use fuel technologies to overcome this problem so have fun with this and I hope that the electricity problem in Gaza Solved as soon as possible.

The Bulls Wrestling

Hi everybody and welcome back again to our today is really a special day, today I'll show you a special show about Oxen Wrestling, it's really funny when you see it in academic fashion. using nature effects like car break and the hit sound and whatever. the nice thing in this video is that the people are very happy as they playing with Bulls and run away from him the the open streets and gardens. I hope to have fun with this.