Incredible Girl Can Say Any Word In Backward Instantly

What an amazing and incredible girl. She has an incredible mind, she has the ability to say any word in backward instantly, just give here a ward and immediately she will say it in reverse order.

Amazing isn't it :) . Just try by your self and say any word in reverse order, how fast can you say it?! just try and leave a comment about your ability. Go ahead and have fun with this amazing video. 

Liam Neeson In One Of The Graham Norton Shows

At this piece of the Liam Nesson video in the show of the program Graham Norton helps out a fan. The fan is a lady and she want from him to record his voice the speech that he talked in the movie titled by Taken, one of his popular movies and also incredible, and he do it with some funny talks. Go a head and watch the video and I hope to enjoy `your time.

Incredible RC Ornithopter Bird

What an amazing video to see a robot for a bird that fly high in the sky using its wings and tail. really incredible it simulates the flying process like the bird.

This was a RC  Ornithopter Bird, it's the original Sean Kinkade (SK) Park Hawk , Version 1. It's hard to believe this for the first look, but really it's simple and you can buy one by going straight to the source! 

Flown by Robert at NuvAero Flight Store

What I'm Doing Here, A Reporter Said

This reporter doesn't understand why he's been sent out to do a BS story. I thing he is right, why they send him to this location without telling him a bout what he will give a report. Watch the video and have fun.

Animator Vs. Animation By Alan Becker

Hello everybody, This is one of the most amazing flash videos. An animator try to paint a victim actor for something, but what he want to do turned to unexpected problem and the mouse cursor becomes the victim. The amazing thing in this video is that the flash editor tools totally destroyed and the animator try to close the flash without saving changes and he did.

Watch the video and relax and have a good funny time :)

Driving Safety Tips In Snowy Conditions

A lot of tips for driving in snowy weather but the best advice is not to drive at all, if you can avoid it. Don't drive until the snow removed and sanding trucks have had a chance to do their work, and allow yourself extra time to reach your destination.

But what if  you must drive in snowy conditions, so in this situation make sure your car is prepared, and that you know how to handle road conditions.

Watch the following video and go  ahead to read the tips for driving in such bad weather.

This Cat Mad Up its Mind And Decide to Catch The Light !!

What an incredible cat, it's really don't know a way to the impossible, it made up its mind and decide ti catch the light. It don't know the impossible and the tiredness, but unfortunately it can't catch it.

The most amazing thing in this video is the speed at which the cat run, it really got some serious foot work going on here

What The Cat Want To Say?

Cats are really one of the amazing animals and pets. They have sharp eyes and soft wool, a beautiful eyes, a nice tail and a musician voice. Everyone has heard its voice in February it looks like a baby. The marriage happens in  February so what they talk to each other?

Here you will see a guy :) little boy cat :) trying to day something to us but what it want to say to us, this is interesting isn't it?! :)  Go ahead and try to know what it want to say to us .

A Funny Hard Work Moments In Her Birthday

This is The Kaylee's birthday, in it she has a tough time blowing out the candle. Really what a big problem to get the candle blow out.

While watching this video, I've many questions get in my mind, is the blow out power the main problem, or it has not enough air get out to blow out the candle. Any way it's really hilarious funny. Have a funny moments.

A Strange Sound Heard All Over The World Last A Few Days

I'm really don't believe this video because I did not hear it, but The most thing that get my attention is that all the internet talks about it and I've notice that this sound is heard in the countries which are near the earth pole.

This sound is really strange and terrifying. Some people write in their comments that sound are an alert to the end of the world and they believes that the world ends in 2012, others said that this sound is a fake. I don't really decide if it's a fake or real . I've checked out the YouTube and I've found a lot of videos talked about this. 

Please write down your a comment a bout your opinion and if you heard such like sound or not. 

Incredible Scene of Nothern Lights from Space

These pictures are collected to produce this stunning scene of earth from the space. These are hundreds of pictures taken by NASA .The most incredible thing is the night lights and the aurora. At this video you'll see the  lights and the aurora of the following :

Aurora Australis 1
Aurora Australis 2
Aurora Australis south of Australia
Aurora Borealis and eastern United States at Night
Aurora Borealis and the United States at Night
Aurora Borealis over the North Atlantic Ocean
Aurora Borealis Pass over the United States at Night

footage taken from:

The Gateway To Astronaut Photography of Earth
" ".

Credits to the Image Science & Analysis Laboratory, NASA Johnson Space Center.

thanks to NASA.

Incredible Virtual Smart Window by Samsung

Samsung don't stop stunned us with it's incredible technologies, and now with it's Transparent Smart Window
and I've named it - virtual smart window. It looks like the window but it's an electronic window. It has a lot of amazing functionality like watching TV, Twitter following,  cooking programs, weather and you can deal with it as a window moving it's curtain  up and down. It's really incredible.

Here I've write down its feature:
Specifications of the transparent LCD:
1,366 x 768 resolution
72-percent color reproduction
9mm side thickness; 2mm active screen thickness
HDMI and USB interface

A New 2011 Record For the Fastest Climber In The World

The Chinese Zhong Qixin

Is the world champion for the fastest climber man. He broke the barrier and achieve  astonishing record - 6.26 second - Behind him was the Russian man  Stanislav Kokorin  and the Ukrainian   man Danylo Boldyrev.

This was the new speed record for Speed Climbing World for the year 2011 set in the Speed Men Finals.

Amazing Video, Why do ants travel in group?

Hi! today I'll show you one of the most commercial advertisements videos  in the Internet. This video is an advertisement for the public Bus Company De Lijn.

Traveling in groups has many benefits than traveling alone, to summarize these benefits, when traveling in group you will not feel weariness. Traveling in group saving your life some times from the thefts.

Any way, I've surprised with this video and I hope to you to be surprised, Have a fun time by watching this video :) 

Lion Can't Reach his Lunch

It's really a tasty lunch but it's unreachable , This kid isn't at all intimidated by this enormous creature pawing at the glass.

Talent Automated Magazine Page Turner

Hello, every one of us has his own way to turn the book or the magazine, but this method, I've really don't seen thing like this way of turning the page. It's really a crazy method but perfect work and talent positioning of objects to work together to perform a page turner system. It's a talent way, isn't it?!

Go ahead and be patient and watch the whole video to see how this guy turn the page  to go to the next page. Have a fun time with this incredible perfect video :)

Embarrassing Situation Isn't it?!

Hello everybody. So some lipstick is planted on a guy before he enters a change room and when he comes out, he's in a world of trouble.

What do you say to your wife when you put in such a situation like this?! It's really embarrassing isn't it. Go ahead and watch the video and I hope to you a fun time.

Stunning Time lapse To Travel Around The World In 5 Minutes

You don't have money to travel around the world?! So what about traveling around the world in 5 minutes without leave your location!!. 

This incredible video include a stunning time lapse from all the famous world cities and locations come with us and travel to these places in just five minutes. If this doesn't make you want to travel, i don't know what else will.

Stunning Paintings On Water

The Awesomeness Flying Rays

More awesomeness from the ocean, these devil rays don't just sting, they attempt to fly too! Pelicans in the Sea of Cortez are our guide to the incredible flying Devil Rays. It's really incredible isn't it? Watch the video and have fun with this Awesome place and Rays.

Incredible London New Year's 2012 Fireworks

Happy Christmas and happy new year for everyone in this world and I hope to all of you a new happy year fulled with a successful events. In this video you will see London brought in 2012 with a hell of a firework show.