The World's Fattest Giraffe!! This fact cannot be real!

According to the source below this fat giraffe picture was taken in Tanzania by Louigie Leeky whilst on a safari holiday.
Apparently this is weird but fact, see if you can tell if this is a real fat giraffe or not.


Every thing in green

12 shocking pictures of Soviet Pollution

Crazy photos of the effects of severe pollution across the former Soviet Union. A healthy reminder to save our environment! .

Let us show you 12 shocking and severe pictures of Soviet pollution killing the environment and people, above is one picture and there are another 11 more after the read more link, please look at all these photos and say to yourselves “How can I protect the environment and our children?

CDSea – A sea made with 600,000 CD

An art installation created by designer Bruce Munro. “CDSea“, is a project where 600,000 CDs from donate where laid out on the grass in a Wiltshire field in the UK.

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Amazing photographers moments

Classic funny pictures

Amazing butterflies

Wonderful Beggers In Spain

Amazing Facts about Gaza never known before

The Gaza Strip has three features distinguish it from any other region on the world :

Creative Wall drawing

77 Interesting Facts About Weddings

50 Interesting Facts about Facebook

50 Interesting . . .

Facebook Facts

Classical ideas

We, in this modern world, have become very specialized people. That means we have also become very interdependent. Classic Ideas provides residential and commercial interior design, renovation, landscaping, custom-built furniture, awning and roofing works.

Awesome Pencil Drawings From Students Notebooks

When I was in high school I was pretty bored on the most of the lessons I had to attend, especially maths and physics. So, I used to scrible different objects in my notebook and at the end of the year my notebook looked like true piece of artwork. However that wasn’t very helpful when I had to pass the exams. Update: Those outstanding drawings belongs to Andrea Joseph.

Depths of more than weird species found in the Atlantic

UK Research Centre University of Aberdeen Marine Laboratory scientists recently announced in the Atlantic from 700 to 3600 m depth found in more than 10 kinds of new marine species. These creatures have a strange body shape, bright color and nearly transparent body, unbelievable. Scientists believe that these new species are likely to have been extinct with some spine, with the evolutionary relationships of invertebrates. British "Daily Telegraph" and "Daily Mail" has published the new species of high-definition picture.

Living in the deep seabed of the deep sea comb jellyfish, mostly pink color, body shape exactly like flowers. Scientists found that the species is through the highly viscous
Tentacles attached to the seabed.

Guinness World Records

Stunning photographs of animals inside womb

These amazing embryonic animal photographs of dolphins, sharks, dogs, penguins, cats and elephants are from a new National Geographic Documentary called “Extraordinary Animals in the Womb”. The show’s producer, Peter Chinn, used a combination of three-dimensional ultrasound scans, computer graphics and tiny cameras to capture the process from conception to birth. They are the most detailed embryonic animal pictures ever seen.

Fabulous Landscape Photos from Alex Tremps

Fantastic Photography 1

Art under water

Amazing photos of art under water

ART: After the Earth's continental plates move

This type of Art is called the imagination art

The main force that shapes our planet’s surface over long amounts of time is the movement of Earth's outer layer by the process of plate tectonics. Imagine what it will look if it after it's movement.

24 Creative interesting pictures of fruit

The 8 world's most spectacular big maze

The world's largest plant maze created in the Indre River , which is a species of sunflower, each winter, farmers will re-design and planting, to the spring and puts out a new maze design. When the park opened in 1996, more than 85,000 people tried out this piece of 10 acres of the maze.

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These pictures are incredible, have nive

Strange design

Every thing is designed for purposes or goals but these? I'm really don't know for what purpose these things are designed.

How to save your wife if you love here?

See this amazing video to see the behavior of husband how he save his wife.

Tokyo Metropolitan Government

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building , also referred to as Tokyo City Hall or Tochō (都庁) for short, houses the headquarters of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, which governs not only the 23 wards, but also the cities, towns and villages that make up Tokyo as a whole.

Amazing surf pictures

These incredible images of waves were taken by the number one photographer of surf: Clark Little.

He has dedicated his life to photographing the waves and has published a selection of the the best images of his career. He captures magical moments inside the "tube", as surfers say.

His website http://www.clarklittlephoto...

Gaza Motorcycle Diaries

My name is Mohannad, I was born in 1982. Two years ago, I was exciting to buy a motorcycle, it is fast and beautiful and gives the sense of adventure. Month a go my dream came true, the price was 800 USD, and I felt lucky because years before it cost more than 1500 USD.

A rotting, 56-foot sperm whale exploded in the street

A 56-foot sperm whale's insides lie strewn about after its belly burst due to decomposition while being transported to the National Cheng Kung University in Tainan in southern Taiwan on January 26, 2004. The whale ran aground and died on a beach in the southwestern county of Yunlin on January 17. (Taiwan Apple daily via Reuters)

Weird animals pictures

Weird human pictures

Weird people doing weird things

Picture of pictures

Picture of pictures, it's an amazing art to create photo from photos, here you will see a fantastic photos that are made from small pictures.

Beasts with two heads

Very interesting gallery with pictures of animals with two heads. I found nothing specific about research to explain the large amount of recent emergence of these anomalies. A source 2007 of the Earth portal speculates that one factor may be the increasing use of herbicides (disregarding wildlife in this case).

Art of the Sky

These nature-inspired installations are part of the project called “Art of the Sky” led by environmental artist and photographer Daniel Dancer. The art creations are only making sense when seen from the sky, and they are simply made by using people and latex paint.
Sometimes he is using up to 4000 people for his works, and each one of them knows where to stand on their knees and hands with their backs exposed so that the colored t-shirts can show best. Dancer only takes one shot when he is up in the air, because first he wants it to be spontaneous, and second rehearsals doesn’t make any sense to him.
He became fascinated by sky art while traveling across South Africa and discovering the “Nazca Lines” of Peru.
Some similar sky art has been done in Japan as well by rice farmers that use their fields to express their work of art.


Origami is the Japanese art of folding paper. The origin of the word comes from the Japanese ori (folding) kami (paper), that by joining the two words the pronunciation is "origami". Generally, it is a square piece of paper whose sides may be of different colors, without continuing to cut the paper.

However, the culture of Japanese origami, which develops from the Edo period, is not so restrictive about these definitions, sometimes cutting the paper during the creation of the model, starting with other forms of paper than the square (rectangular, circular, etc.).. According to Japanese culture, one that makes one thousand origami (Tsuru = crane) would have made a request. [Continue Reading]

Want to learn how to make an origami? Click here to learn how to make origami.

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