Amazing Gorilla Washes Her Face Like a Human

Woow , this word you'll say it several times during watching this video. This is really an amazing video , a gorilla washes her face using a piece of wet cloth. her behavior exactly like the human behavior. fantastic have fun with this video.

Sports Videos: Unbeatable Robot Goalie

I'v never seen before an amazing goalie like this one. It's a robot and also it's an unbeatable goalie. some one may imagine if the FIFA consortium accept to be one robot in the football team then I guess that no one can beat the other and win the match. it's really will be one of the amazing sports . Watch the video and have fun.

Gone By Wind

Doing a great things is better than doing nothing whatever if you receive a good faith or a bad faith, what ever you'v got it's always better than doing nothing. Here is an amazing performance art video about doing such great things but got a bad faith.

Waves Creation by Talented Surfers

Hi everybody, welcome back again with this amazing and funny video, here you will see a talented surfers tried to create some waves to surf over it and the succeed, it's really fabulous , go on... and see it :),

Stunning Landscape, Glimpse Of Norway

Norway, one of the most beautiful and stunning nature places on the earth. Here are some incredible landscape glimpse of  Norway.

Amazing Technology Videos, Bladeless Fan Save Price

This so called Bladeless Fan utilizes Dyson's Air Multiplier Technology, but will it's hefty price tag be worth the cost compared to your conventional desk fan? Watch to find out, and be sure to Subscribe! Good volume of air. Excellent directional flow. And it looks cool too.

Market On An Active Trains Railway In Thailand

Hi, this video is really awesome, a market on an really active train railway. Who could you imagine how could people manage their markets and sales in some thing like this without being afraid of trains or death, this have been seen at a small town of Samut Songkram outside of Bangkok, Thailand. Interesting transformation of space can be seen here. it's really amazing video. Have fun.

Happens Just In Gaza Folk Restaurants

This is what happened in one of the folk restaurants in Gaza, which is Falafel Abu Talal. At this you'll see the cooker man hold the hot oil using his uncovered hand, it's really incredible and amazing. have fun with this video. 

Stunning Nature Photos And Scenes

Change your mood and be rest throw watching these stunning and incredible scenes.

An Overhead Can Kick Failure

Unexpected hard kick hit the man head, the guy the the blue t-shirt aimed to hit the can which is over the man head but unfortunately  it hits the man head. this is really funny and I hope to have fun.

Care Insurance Companies And Women

Because your wife uses the car too, this is the slogan of the Mercator insurance company. this video is really funny which is about the insurance. It's one of the amazing art performance ads which present who women affect the cars. I hope to have fun with this.