Performance Art: Choosing The Best Words Changes Your Life

Hello everybody and welcome back again with this incredible video, this video is about life and happiness, you can make your life better and bright. Words have a magic effect at people. For example choosing the words for an advertisement may affects the campaign positively or negatively .

Watch the following performance art video to see how the words affect on the blind man's life,

Angels Falls, The Highest Waterfall on Earth

Angel Falls in Venezuela is a massive 979 m (3,212 ft) high and looks absolutely stunning in this video. Definitely somewhere to visit.

Angels Falls in South America, the biggest waterfall in the world, This is a cut from the "Planet Earth - ep 3 Fresh Water 720p HD DVD"

The Planet Earth documentary is created by BBC. It is considered the greatest nature documentary created till now.
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Nothing Is Impossible Just Try

Hello everybody and welcome back again. Today I'v brought with me an amazing video, it's really incredible actions done by people it's really awesome and to know that nothing is impossible just try one time and try and keep trying until success.

Have a nice time with this amazing actions video :)

Muammar Al Gaddafi, Moments Before His Death

Nothing to say, it's really a tragic moment, watch who the great man becomes after spending 42 years in power, he has been arrested by the factions of freedom and his face fulled by blood, then he was killed.

Gilad Shalit Is Free, The First Conversation With Him

This is really amazing and a perfect moment to see this soldier who's name Gilad Shalit (גלעד שליט‎) who have spent five years arrested by the Palestine factions. By the other hands there's 1027 arrested Palestinian are become free too in a big deal by both Israel government and Palestine government .

The Perfect Win Moments Compilation 2011

The best wins of the month in one single compilation. these events are hard to be forgotten. Success is always after suffering and after a hard work has an extreme taste of happiness.. Here you will see a compilation of success tries and events it is really incredible events when it'is succeed. We can call these events as the perfect moment events. Watch the video and have fun :)


A Japanese Girl Break The Record Of The Most Jumps In 30 Seconds

Megumi Suzuki achieved the world record for the most skips in 30 seconds at 162 jump. When I first saw the video, I thought to myself "maybe I can do it too", when I really saw her jumping I realized this was something else...

 It's not as simple as you think, it's really hard watch this incredible video to see how it's hard to enter the Guinness world.

Car Insurance, Safe Your Life, Be Ready On Read Lights

Car Insurance (also known as auto insurance, car insurance, or motor insurance) is insurance purchased for cars, trucks, and other road vehicles. Its primary use is to provide protection against physical damage and/or bodily injury resulting from traffic collisions and against liability that could also arise therefrom.

Here an Advertisement from a car insurance company to care about yourself by fastening the seat belt.  

Sweet Trampoline Wall Skills

What is Trampoline
A trampoline is a device consisting of a piece of taut, strong fabric stretched over a steel frame using many coiled springs. People bounce on trampolines for recreational and competitive purposes.

The fabric on which users bounce (commonly known as the 'bounce mat' or 'trampoline bed') is not elastic in itself; the elasticity is provided by the springs that connect it to the frame.

These guys don't just do the regular flips and somersaults, they incorporate a wall! it's really incredible and amazing.

The Fastest Job, Done By The Firefighters

One of the most important thing is to keep time in your mind when doing something that the time is the most critical factor on it. Like this video, the fire is the most dangerous thing that we should keep in our minds the time. this will save a lot of souls and prevent dangerous damages. Here you will watch a video about the firefighters drill in which they are exercised to complete their task as fast as possible.

A Man Holds Numerous Number Of Tea Glasses

This is really incredible, how can this man hold a numerous number of tea glasses exceeds 10 glasses at one time on one hand and fill them with hot tea. This is really amazing and incredible. I guess how will he put them back at the table without any problems could happen. 

Goat Makes Strange Sounds

It's one of those fancy goats that says: Mehh I wanted Peanut Butter on mah french toast not this horrible jelly! Meeeeeeeeehhh. This really a funny video and Í'v shocked when I'v heard its sound it is really fantastic and unbelievable. 

Perfectly Synchronised Gymnastics

Japanese gold medalists performing a routine that is quite probably perfectly synchronized. It's really incredible. This was happened at  Aomori University.2009 All Japan Championships. they get rank: 1st (Gold) . they are really deserved it.

Cinema Full of Scary Bikers

Carlsberg stunts in Belgium with 148 bikers in a movie theater. Some innocent couples want to take their seat, but the room is filled with not-so- friendly gentlemen... How will they react?

In my opinion it's really scary and I'll not wait a moment, they look like a hungry lions.