Incredible Dancing Using Crutch

Dancing is really fabulous. There's many dancing types like Ballet dancing, Jazz dancing, Tap dancing, Hip-Hop dancing, Modern dancing, Swing dancing, Contra Dance. Flamenco dancing ,Latin Dance and Folk Dance.

Here, I don't really to which dancing category it belongs, so it's up to you to decide to which dancing category  :), So go ahead an I hope to have a funny time!

A Funny Video For The Gift Of iPad

Hey everybody,  welcome back again, and today you'll watch a very funny video this video is a scene from the German comedy series called the Knallerfrau by Martina Hill. This series is really funny.

The video talk about a women sent to her father a gift for his birthday. This gift is an iPad but unfortunately she didn't send the appropriate gift. Go ahead and watch what happened.

Here is the translation of the dialog happened between she and her father.

Women :
Say dad, i haven't asked you yet, how do you come along with the iPad we bought for your birthday?
You get on with all the Apps?
What Apps? Please, step aside bit. Here we go.

"washing the iPad"
Father: What is it?


Cat Speaks With A Man Using The Sign Language

This is one of the most amazing videos that I've ever seen before. A hungry cat speaks with a man using the sign language and told him that it want to eat. Isn't an incredible to understand what the animals need?

Watch the video and I hope to have a nice day.

The Most Sad Violin That Will Make You Cry Emotionally

When ever you and I are together, but were are never close. This is life and this is also the Love. Happiness is  coupled with the Sadness, but we must always smiles for the coming events even if it is bad.

Here is an emotional Violin music for the sadness events. Have a nice day and I hope to you a good happy days.

Awesome GoPro On F18 Aircraft

Do you want to see a spectacular scene?! then watch with me this awesome scenes by F18 with GoPro. Go ahead and watch the ground from the sky, have a nice time.

Frozen Canal Crossing Fail

It's really a bad experiment when trying to cross the frozen canal and sudden the ice break down and you fall into the called water. Don't try something like this because you may die in the cold water even you have a very good swimming skill.

Time Lapse of Red Aurora, The Sunset Beauty In Southern Coast of Australia

Beauty doesn't has a limit and borders, Today I'll take you to the south to the southern coast of Australia, there you'll see the mean of beauty, there you'll see the most beautiful auroras that you never seen before, the red aurora.

Near the southern pole of the planet you will see a lot of miracles, the sunset virginity remains there, the stars, and our galaxy, and the space you will watch them there at the night of  the southern coast of Australia.

RC People Flying In New York City Sky

For the first time you see these flying objects, they will get your attention. How they really fly? Actually, these who are flying on New York city are not an actual people of course, these are RC people creating the illusion of people flying. RC is shortcut for the words "Remote Control" so these are a remote control people devices.

Amazing isn't it? Go ahead and watch the following video and I hope to you a funny time :)

On Live, Fighting Between Two Men In One Of Aljazeera TV Programs

This was in the program called The Opposite Direction, introduced by Faisal Alqasem. This show was about the Syrian president and the situations and facts, But the show took another way of dealing, started by abuse words and ended with hands.

I don't want to comment but I'll leave comments for you, Go ahead and watch this ridiculous program.

Hard Situation In Egypt Between Two Of Football Team Fans In Egypt

What happened to Egyptian people. After the revolution Egypt becomes an unstable area with week safety. Today in Borsaeed , Egypt was a football match between Al-Ahly team and Al-Masriy Team. It was a hot game really and after the match has been ended the fans of both teams killed each others. About 75 people dead and more than 200 injured.

This video shows you the first moments of collision, I'm really sorry about what happened their.