Incredible FireTruck Drives Through Deep Water

Hello everybody and I hope to everyone a happy new year and now for one of the weird things in the vehicles. This was happened In Eltham, in Victoria , Australia on the Christmas day. In this day there was a serious storms that caused a fair bit of damage, cold and rain and quite a bit of flooding, but that didn't stop this firetruck from going a head to help people.

Amazing Win Luck Compilation Of The Year 2011

Hello everybody and I hope to you a happy new year. Today I've post a special amazing video for this last day of the year 2011. It's a win luck compilation for the most amazing win videos watched in the whole 2011 year and it's really amazing . Go ahead and have fun time in the last moments of the year 2011.

Amazing Digital Rug Model Design

This is really an incredible digital rug. I'v found this video in YouTube so I don't know who designed this type of rug, any way it's a talent design of nontraditional  rug.

What are you thinking if you have one of this digital rugs ? what the color and effects do you hope to have ? and can we change these effects and colors any time we want ? these are the questions that I want to be answered.

Extreme Downhill Sport By Rollerman Overtaking Motocycle!

Jean Yves Blondeau had the idea of strapping some wheels to himself and going down some steep roads. But maybe some one ask how could he slow his speed, He use his legs to speed down look at the time 1:16 then you will know. 

This sport is one of the most extreme sport in the world, it's really dangerous if he couldn't control his movement and speed.

Incredible Merry Christmas Hunter

welcome back again. today I've post a special video for the Christmas. A man with a powerful gun catch six deer without miss any of them with six pullets but unfortunately, these deers were belongs to him. These deers were the wagon pullers .

Interior Design Engineers Make Your Inspiration

Interior design is used to turne an interior space into setting for the range of human activities that are to take place there.It's also a multifaceted  profession that includes conceptual development, liaising with the stakeholders of a project and the management and execution of the design. via Wikipedia

If you Need a little decorating inspiration? Don't worry, they've got you covered. Whether your style is relaxed and casual or sophisticated and chic, they've got the photos that will help you find the inspiration you need.

Dancing Concept Titled By Dream Dub-steps On The Great Wall

Hi, Dancing is our feeling language, everyone has his own dance method and dancing steps. Today I've post one of the most special and   Awesome dancing method.

I hope to have a fun time with this amazing and awesome video. For more videos about this dancing concept visit this channel

Frog Playing A Bugs Catch Game On Touch Screen Mobile

Hi everybody, all of us know frogs and how much it like bugs meal, but to know  that it also play a bugs catch game on a touch screen mobile, it's really strange thing.

Here you will watch a frog , also a hungry frog, which plays the bug catch game, it may want to eat isn't it?!! but after completing the first level, it bite the mobile carrier. Och, he said and shout because of this bite !

A Modern Woman In One of Her Life Days

This performance was performed by cute little Lua McDowell which shows you how hard it is to be a modern, independent, career-oriented woman these days.

An exclusive look into the life of an independent, working woman performed by a little girl. This is really a cool video showing us how the modern women became so busy and independent. 

The most interesting scenes in this video that showing how the women became so busy is when her secretary ask her to come to the Christmas party so she response with no " I'm so busy". This type of women, the modern women I means, is completely different than the old traditional women, isn't it  ?!! :)

The Most Incredible Hidden Water Pool In The World

Like Bond tricks in his movies. It also looks very convenient, a hidden pool. It sounds a bit strange to you how it's hidden, but I'll tell you that it looks like a flat spot controlled by a switcher to become a pool, this spot can go up and down with a depth levels.

This was made by the founder of the hidden water pool company Stefan Kanetis at his first hidden pool made in 2004 for his mother Delicia.

It's A Wonderful World, Watch It With Us

A collection of stunning scenes and wild animals with David Attenborough speaking 'what a wonderful world'. Our world is filled by secrets and wonderful places, some of them are beneath the sea and oceans and others are in the depth of jungles. 

Every where there's a spot telling us its story of beauty. every where there's a spot of a special community  with a wonderful traditions and behavior. Go a head and watch with us these wonderful places.

Is The Laughter Infectious ?!

It could be a set up, but i think it still proves that laughter is infectious. A woman on a German train laughs at something on her mobile and everyone else catches on.

I thing you will laugh on them and you will not prevent your self from laugh like what happened with me. Have a funny time with this prove.

The Laziest 3D Boy In The World

Hello everybody, This is the fun time I guess, and now with a 3d movie about the laziest boy in the world. This movie  has many of fun scenes, the first one is about waking up in the morning at 7:00 and other of the incredible funny scenes.

What about you?! is it seems like you when wake up in the morning? I've read about an alarm clock made by the Japanese, it's like a bomb when throwing it to shut it down it's really funny and effective. Go a head and watch the video.

Ukraine Lighting Engineer Stuns Audience With His Light Performance

The amazing 3D light show was projected on the city's Kharkiv Regional Administration building during their Independence Day celebrations on August 24th. The announcer is speaking Ukrainian. Having seen this, every fireworks display will be boring and hokey to me.

Performance Art: Hewahi, Representing How He Killed His Parents

In Gaza, last day, a terrible event has happened, a man killed his father and mother because of money. This news is spreed and every body in Gaza talked about this  terrible event.The man belongs to Al Hewahi family , he studying in USA.

This video is representing how this guy perform his terrible and unusual crime after he was arrested by the internal security police in Gaza after his fail tries to escape out of Gaza to Egypt throw tunnels.

Strangest Marriage Request

Ohh really it's an incredible and strange method for request to marry with your girl friend. Actually by this method he want to say that " if you don't marry me then my life is nothing for me without you". This is my opinion, if you have a different thinking please write it down in you comments.

Any way it's really unbelievable way to get married with your dream girl, I hope for you a happy life, Go a head an watch :).

Pepe Real Madrid kicking out fighting on pitch and getting red card

I don't really know if this game is a soccer game or something else. Here you will watch one of the most attractive scene in the soccer game between Real Madrid and Barcelona.

Pepe, the player in Real Madrid team, has a very bad reputation because of his tough behavior, here you will watch how he kick the player in  Barcelona team like a hero in the arena. Because of exceeding the soccer game roles, Pepe got a red card because of this action.

Beautiful American Girl Voice Sings Abedelhalim Hafez SAWAH Song

This is my special gift for you, Arabian song sang by American girl. This song belongs to Abedelhalim Hafez , and its name is SAWAH.

But I give you this not because it's some special event, no, I give it to you as a gift because both of her Arabic accent and her voice are really beautiful and incredible. Go a head and listen 

Nokia Lumia 800 Live Amazing 4D Projection Show In London

This was happened On Monday 28th November Nokia Lumia 800 with Windows phone brought deadmau5 and the world's most advanced 4D technology together and created an amazing free light show at Millbank Tower, London.

Incredible Videos: Pole Dancer Walks On Air

Pole dance is a form of performing art, a combination of dance and gymnastics. It involves dancing and performing acrobatic tricks with a vertical pole and is an increasingly popular form of fitness and dance, practised by many enthusiasts in gyms or dedicated dance studios. A wide range of amateur and professional competitions are held in many countries around the world. via wikipedia

Here you will see one of the pole dancers who simulate the walking on air it's really fabulous. Watch it 

Unbelievable And Unexpected Car Accident

To Whom who didn't know the value of car insurance, by watching this sadly video then you will know exactly what I mean.

In many jurisdictions it is compulsory to have vehicle insurance before using or keeping a motor vehicle on public roads. Most jurisdictions relate insurance to both the car and the driver, however the degree of each varies greatly.

HD Video About Tyson Lion In His last moments of Life

Nature is the cruelest as well as the most beautiful thing on earth. I cried my eyes out watching this poor lion die. I understand that everything with life has to die at some point, said by someone in YouTube comments.

This lion name is Tyson, his death is as powerful as his war's. It's really a great and sad event go ahead and watch this video

Incredible American Guy Talk Arabic By The Saudi Accent

Hello everybody and welcome back again, Today I've bring to you one special fabulous and incredible video about an american talk Arabic like Saudi accent. I really don't believe this but I let you to give your judgment on it. This guy is now living in Saudi Arabia Area's

I don't want to talk more about this video but the blogger who posted it on YouTube said that this guy trying to send a message for  Corissa Chantelle.