The Most Incredible Hidden Water Pool In The World

Like Bond tricks in his movies. It also looks very convenient, a hidden pool. It sounds a bit strange to you how it's hidden, but I'll tell you that it looks like a flat spot controlled by a switcher to become a pool, this spot can go up and down with a depth levels.

This was made by the founder of the hidden water pool company Stefan Kanetis at his first hidden pool made in 2004 for his mother Delicia.

A Hidden Water Pool offers tremendous benefits to the homeowner: via
  • Increased Safety
  • Amazing Versatility (depth adjusts from one inch to almost 6 feet)
  • Environmentally Friendly (less water and less chemicals)
  • Lower Operational Expenses (substantially lower utility costs)
  • Land Preservation (doesn't take up your entire backyard)
  • Physical Therapy and Exercise