Depths of more than weird species found in the Atlantic

UK Research Centre University of Aberdeen Marine Laboratory scientists recently announced in the Atlantic from 700 to 3600 m depth found in more than 10 kinds of new marine species. These creatures have a strange body shape, bright color and nearly transparent body, unbelievable. Scientists believe that these new species are likely to have been extinct with some spine, with the evolutionary relationships of invertebrates. British "Daily Telegraph" and "Daily Mail" has published the new species of high-definition picture.

Living in the deep seabed of the deep sea comb jellyfish, mostly pink color, body shape exactly like flowers. Scientists found that the species is through the highly viscous
Tentacles attached to the seabed.

Shewei starfish, also known as the snake made strange starfish. This looks unflattering new species living in the Atlantic seabed up to 800 meters deep.

Hydra jellyfish that live 2,500 meters below sea level in the Atlantic deep-sea regions. Semicircular transparent body, with bright colors and simple structure, exactly like a hat.

This is a part of soft dorsal polychaetes scale insects, living in the Atlantic waters 2,500 meters below sea level. In appearance, it is a violet color, more like a water plant.
Stigma worm, also known as intestinal worms or oak solid gill worms. Stigma worms soft, worm-like, front-end with a kiss and palate, live 2700 meters below sea level in the Atlantic Division. According to the professors found that the biological revealed that neither the stigma insect eyes, no brain.

The picture shows one is swimming in the deep-sea sea cucumbers, almost transparent body wrapped in a simple body parts. The species living in the Mid-Atlantic ridge, 2500 meters deep in the sea.
Map of the new species also is sea cucumber class, living at 2,500 meters below sea level in the Atlantic region. If you do not see it exactly like a suction cup part of the body, the creature very much like caterpillars.

Map of the new species is also deep-sea ctenophores, the color is mostly light brown, physique and deep-sea ctenophores mentioned above, very different. The biological life of 2,700 meters below sea level in the Atlantic region.

this stigma insects living in the Atlantic depths of 2,500 meters below sea level, the body in white.