Amazing Facts about Gaza never known before

The Gaza Strip has three features distinguish it from any other region on the world :

1- The most crowded area on the world : Area land is (365 sq km), population is (1,500,000 ) with rate of (80,000 individuals to every single squared Kilometer) ..!

The irony here is; Breed inside this prison, you are not allowed to even think out of these 365 km.. This is really the biggest prison has ever been found.

2- The most educated individuals rate on the world : The rate Individuals who are able to read and write is 92%, and the rate for education among males and females age from 15 to 24 is 98,2%.

The fact here is : All parents can prevent themselves from food, but can't prevent their sons from education. It is a kind of a Holly fact.

3- The most growth rate in population on the world: The growth rate here is 3.7% (13,000 birth annually - family average 6 individuals). By the way; I have twelve brothers and sisters, my neighbor has eighteen.. It is normal here. Don't ask how on earth they would be fed ? I told you before, no one dies here from hunger..

I must leave, my sister is giving birth to a new baby right now…