The 8 world's most spectacular big maze

The world's largest plant maze created in the Indre River , which is a species of sunflower, each winter, farmers will re-design and planting, to the spring and puts out a new maze design. When the park opened in 1996, more than 85,000 people tried out this piece of 10 acres of the maze.

 Britain's oldest hedge maze that is it. Maze was built in 1689, and many novels and poems have been written about it, in the era of William III had thousands of visitors come to play after.
Imprint is simply to commemorate the legend of the labyrinth: The huge giant big feet, or on behalf of the Minotaur in the foot (the foot Tauren so big ah). Built in 1975, The Imprint will host thousands of visitors each year.

Italian villa garden maze Pisal founded in the early 18th century, reputed to be one of the most complicated maze in the world. It is located in Venice on the outskirts of Pisal villa, according to legend, in 1807 Napoleon had lost here.

Ashcombe Maze is Australia's oldest and most famous traditional hedge maze, located east of Mornington Peninsula Xiaoleihanmu. Near a rose garden also comes with an extra maze for you to play. Hedge maze planted more than 1,000 cypress trees, thousands of square meters of road. With 217 varieties of rose bushes and more than 1,200 to form a 3-meter-high wall of 2 meters wide.

World's longest maze at the Dole pineapple Oahu Park. It is formed by the 11,400 species of tropical plants, about 3.11 miles, Toure is not only created this maze, the company and put it moved to the Internet, you can directly go to its Web site a virtual experience.

Banks of Georgeson in the maze of plants and completing construction work in progress. The following photographs show the three petals complete the picture in the fourth petals have grown, and will be completed this summer, the fifth petal.

Church nave in Chartres on the ground there is a spiral-shaped maze. It will nave divided into 3 / 4 bay, were round, both inside and outside a total of 12 laps, finally arrived in central rose-like finish. Center of the previously embedded with a copper plate, the above relief is Greek mythology, Theseus defeat the monster Minotaur personal Tau North the scene.