Super-Realistic 3D Face Replica Masks By REAL-f Japanese Company

REAL-f is a japanese company which is the designer of the most super realistic 3d face replica, Masks is one of our tradition which we dress it on our Halloween day, so now you can dress a replica of your or other one face's.

This dream can the REAL-f company achieveing it for you, They offer to versions,the first one is a mask type replica which is called ,mannequin type, the other is a replica of the head.

So what does the company to create such mask, first it captured a photo of the face which it what to replicate it from different angles then it imprints the image on  vinyl chloride resin stretched over a mold.

REAL-f which has the unique production technology makes sure that even the details like iris and blood vessels are also replicated accuratley.

So how much does it costs some one to replicate a face? this is really a good question, it costs 3,920 USD and for additional copies 780 USD for each, this is for the face replica but for the head replica it costs 5,875 USD and 1,960 for each copy.

Source: REAL-f