Believe or not, It's completely 3d

These photos are not real, these photos are drawn by computer design programs.
Moon Key Olivier Ponsonnet

Ina Olivier Ponsonnet

GoldLion by Olivier Ponsonnet

Biker by Andrea Bertaccini 

 Stifled Smile, Alexander Lashko (3D) 

 Elene by Soa Lee

 Grace of the snow, Soa Lee (3D) 

A Girl, Jiro Sugiyama (3D) 

 Portrait of a European Girl, Roja Huchez (3D)

 Jewel by Adam Potter

Europa, Soa Lee (3D)

Fluid Inspiration, Akira Hanzo (3D) 

 ColdBlue, Olivier Ponsonnet (3D) 

 Angioletta Giolli by Antonio Bonora

 wip charlize by Mihai Anghelescu