incredible images of celebrities made with computer graphics

The site Creatique brought a collection of celebrity images produced entirely in Computer Graphics by various artists. The curious thing is that, regardless of visual fidelity, the images are totally based on pixels, which are points that cause the image to be synthesized on a monitor. According to Wiki, the format of video monitors, televisions, mobile phones or film are connected by a series of algorithms and tools for building standards and image editing, there is need the pixels.

Currently, the tools to build images (software) virtually alone deal with all the algorithmic part of the hardware, the more specific the result of a particular tool, the more real the object will be created.
Check out the pictures.

 NEFERTITI by Sven Geruschkat
Mahatma Gandhi by Pasquale Giacobelli
  Russell Crowe - Gladiator by Mihai Anghelescu
Johnny Depp by Jelmer Boskma
Keith Richards by Jelmer Boskma
 Jimi Hendrix - The Guitar Legend by Marcin Klick
House - Author unknown
 Ventura Art By Cheong Hoe Yi
Nelson Mandela by Pasquale Giacobelli
 Monica Bellucci by Mihai Anghelescu
Charlize Theron by Mihai Anghelesc