Pictures of Gaza through history

1- Gaza in 1940 :

Yes it is a black and white life, no TV, no mobile, no bank account, but people were so happy, and could sense the life with its ups and downs. Press the link below please to see the collection of that period.

2- Gaza before days of 21st Century;

It got colored, wounds from the past were being healed, life moves on.

This is the Unknown Soldier Monument and Yard. One of the most beautiful scenes in Gaza, the place where people spend their time and complain their agony to, usually crowded in summer because it cools the whether and gives a piece of freedom as well.

Gaza Main Square, in the center of Gaza city, is the heart of the Gaza Strip. People comes from all towns around for shopping. Old souvenirs next to the last fashion are found in the same shop. In this place you'll feel like Gaza citizens are more than one billion.

Even from tombs, you can play your camera to snap a beautiful shot. Similar to, this amazing shot was shot at the end of a promising day showing the beauty of lights.

3- Gaza since June, 2006 : in dark

Sorry, I can't see anything, can you...!