Did You Know How The Heart Cry?

This was in "Intervention" a show on A&E. Intervention is an American television program which discuss the bad relations between parents and their sons or friends with realities facing addicts of many kinds.

Heir you will see to participants, father and his son, facing each other with facts about the bad relations between them. The most tragedy moments is when the son says to his father ( because I love you) then the father cry and his cry titled by ( The best cry ever) all over the internet, and it's really a very sad crying comes from the heart.

This man is Rocky Lockridge who has an emotional breakdown as his son professes his love for him. Due to the unordinary nature of his high pitched cry, the video became a popular source for parodies and remixes on YouTube.

This was previewed in an episode that aired on April 5,2010. Rocky Lockridge wrote about his cocaine addiction that left him homeless and during the show, his son told him that regardless of his bad matter he still love him.

It's really an emotional video regardless of how the father behave when he crying.