The Dream Of Absolute Energy

Absolute Energy or what I can called infinite energy, is how can we get an electricity for ever and this is theoretically impossible because of the rules of nature. The energy is transformed when we using it to another thing, for example to heat or to movement and it exhausted the energy source and again this is the rule of nature.

At this video you will watch an experiment about how we can produce an infinite energy from simple things like lighter :) funny isn't it? I really don't believe this, in my opinion it's fake.

Any form of energy may be transformed into another form. For example, all types of potential energy are converted into kinetic energy when the objects are given freedom to move to different position (as for example, when an object falls off a support). When energy is in a form other than thermal energy, it may be transformed with good or even perfect efficiency, to any other type of energy, including electricity or production of new particles of matter. With thermal energy, however, there are often limits to the efficiency of the conversion to other forms of energy. via wikipedia